ICT Training for primary and secondary school teachers

Teaching resources - Modern Languages

Here are some subject-specific websites which are great for using with the Interactive Whiteboard. These are reguarly updated, and please contact info@trainingforlearning.co.uk to suggest your own.

Many of the secondary sites are also suitable for primary, but here are some which are created specifically for primary languages or lend themselves particularly well to younger learners.

BBC Primary
Interactive games from the BBC site, including topics such as numbers, colours, family, pets, the time, dates, weather and holidays. The use of sound and flash animation works particularly well for the IWB.

An outstanding free site for French learners. Topics cover le corps, la famille, les numéros, l’Europe, à la gare, en ville, les heures, l’alphabet, les animaux and le telephone. A great way of presenting new vocabulary.

Alien Languuage (French, Spanish, German)
The aliens are on a mission to find out about human beings. A very colourful and interactive way to learn and practice parts of the body.

Prescott School Primary French
Some very nice activities for the IWB, such as Spot the Animal, Who wants to learn French? and Brothers and Sisters.

Prescott Primary School Spanish
As above in Spanish

Prescott Primary School German
As above in German

An excellent French children’s site, which include children’s own film and book reviews, as well as poems and stories written by children

A great, visual French children’s site with a nice section on songs and nursery rhymes which play and have animated pictures. For example, Use song 'Dans la foret un grand cerf' to revise concept of masculine and feminine words in French and practise new sounds

Bozo le Chat
A delightful site for practising personal identity and family relationships with Bozo le Chat.

Poulet Frites
Lots of interactive games, such as practising pronunciation of the alphabet

Die Blinde Kuh
Children's search engine. Discover pirates , Egypt , culture, children's recipes for drinks, cakes, healthy eating and festivals around the year in German

PequeNet has lots of stories and poems on it and lots of nice pictures
Don Quijote http://www.donquijote.org/spanishlanguage/games/
Simple Spanish games such as with animals, numbers and clothes

One of the best French teaching sites for primary, written by a UK-based languages teacher, it includes simple but effective exercises and is £39.99 per year to subscribe. Many of its activities lend themselves very well to the IWB. For each topic there is a presentation and then practice activities such as find the pairs, noughts and crosses, a memory game, wordsearch, hangman and writing labels.