Resources and training for Modern Languages teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the training be relevant to my subject, with examples of how I can use it day-to-day?
Yes. Our training is tailor-made for your requirements and adjusted to meet the level of previous knowledge and training you have in this subject. Our aim is to leave you with an understanding of how to use ICT and how to apply it in the classroom.

Do the trainers have an understanding of the education system and current policies/requirements of teachers?
Yes. All our trainers are qualified to deliver ICT training and are all specialists in their own right in subjects ranging from Mathematics to Modern Languages. For a full list of subject specialism click onto our ‘How Training for Learning Works’ page.

How much does it cost?
Funding is available to pay for this training through Hands on Support. So not only does it not cost you a penny, but as part of the training we can demonstrate how to make e-learning credits work for you, what quality of software is available for your use, and how to access the funds for it.

Do I have to train with other schools and departments?
Not necessarily, unless you chose to do so. Training is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Why should I pick this training over any other?
The Government is making available £50 million for interactive whiteboard technology in education, and in 10 years every classroom should have one. This training helps you utilise and employ the principles of its use now. Also, ICT has been identified as crucial to the Key Stage 3 learning strategy to improve teaching and learning.

How am I assured that your training is approved and relevant for my school?
Nothing speaks louder than satisfied clients. Most of our business has come about through word of mouth, so take a look at the evidence yourself, click on to our ‘Recent Client’ webpage.